Effa Al Dabbagh

Effa Al Dabbagh is an award winning, Saudi-born designer. She is the founder and creative director of Effa Fashion which designs luxury Abayas and contemporary evening wear. Based in Dubai, Effa’s creations are a fusion of western and Middle Eastern styles, aimed at a global audience.

In recognition of her talents as both a creative designer and entrepreneur, Effa was named by Forbes Middle East as part of ‘100 Leaders Inspiring a Kingdom, Saudi Arabia’s Entrepreneurial Elite’. The designer is one of only 16 women chosen (out of 100 entrepreneurs), and ranks 6th in the Fashion and Clothing Category. The top 100 leaders were selected out of 2000 candidates from different sectors, ranging from technology, food and beverage, to fashion and clothing.

Effa received her bachelor’s degree from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design and gained her experience working with internationally acclaimed brands, like Christian Lacroix, Emmanuel Ungaro, Valentino and John Galliano.


By Mustafa Al Hayali

Original article: http://goo.gl/8DRcwf

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