Women In Leadership AUS

By Diana Farah

UNIVERSITY CITY — Seeking to provide more resources for businesswomen in the Gulf, a partnership of

American University of Sharjah, School of Business Administration, faculty members have created a first-

of-its- kind portal to highlight women holding executive positions in the region.

Interviewed Oct. 25, Associate Professor in Management Linzi Kemp and Senior Lecturer in Marketing,

Linda McLoughlin, described their “Women & Leadership” portal, created together with Associate

Professor of Marketing and MIS Dr. Norita Ahmad, as a website that includes videos, articles, and an

“expert women's list.”

The latter is a database of women specialists. McLoughlin and Kemp, who alternate in teaching the MGT

321 Women in Leadership course every semester, invited all female AUS students to join it. It is available

at http://wil.insightsme.net.

Kemp said that the idea behind the portal was to make a “link between theory and practitioners in

business life.” She said that someone looking for female experts to speak at conference-type events can

easily go onto the site and find an experienced person from that list.

McLoughlin noted that the website fills a regional void. “There are very few learning resources that are

Arab-centric and that showcase the positive work done by Arab women,” McLoughlin said.

She noted that an expert directory in Ireland, called Women on Air, inspired the expert women’s list.

Journalists created the Irish directory, she said, to help address a lack of female voices in broadcast


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