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Professor Connie Zulu

Professor Connie Zulu is currently Deputy Director in the school of Professional Studies in Education at the North-West University in South Africa. She is an educational management and women in educational leadership and management specialist.  She has been in academia for the past 25 years. Since 2009, she has taught and supervised postgraduate students in English language and educational leadership and management. Her research interests are mainly in the area of academic writing, as well as educational leadership and management (particularly the role of women and all aspects of women’s experience in leadership and management). Her doctoral thesis focused on ‘Women in higher education management in universities’. Her current research areas include: women in educational leadership and management, and discipline in education institutions’. She is the sub-area leader of a group of researchers within a research unit in the Faculty of Education, as well as an active member of various academic committees within the institution. In 2015 she obtained a National research foundation (NRF) rating as an established researcher.

Recent publications

Her recent publications include:

 Zulu, C. (2017). Promoting gender transformation at a higher education institution in South Africa. In K. White and P. O’Connor (Eds.), Gendered Success in Higher Education: Global perspectives, pp. 195-214, Palgrave McMillan: Basingstoke.

Zulu, C. (2016). Navigating the terrain of academic writing in postgraduate research: The case of mature additional language students.  In M. Mokoena and I. Oosthuizen (Eds.) A scholarly contribution to educational praxis, pp. 58-85, AOSIS publishers.

Zulu, C. (2015). Essentials of academic writing. In C. Okeke and M.Van Wyk (Eds.).Educational Research: An African Approach, pp.535-552, Oxford university Press: Southern Africa, ISBN: 97680199047871).


2009 – The Tercentenary Fund of the Bank of Sweden

2010 – Swedish Research Council

2016 – Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare

2019 – German Alexander Humbolt Foundation

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